Dandasana or staff pose

Dandasana or staff pose

संस्कृत (name in sanskrit)           –           दण्डासन

Danda means                –          Stick

Asana   means               –          Pose

Pronounced as             –           dahn-dah-sah-nah

Known as                     –           Staff pose

Chakra                          –           Manipura

Style                              –           Hatha Yoga

Dandasana, is the foundation of all seated Yoga poses. The word “Danda” comes from the Sanskrit word which means stick, and asana means pose, Dandasana increases our ability to work on aligning to our body perfectly.

How to do

Sit on the ground with back straight and legs extended forward Flex your feet facing up, Keep your palms on the ground next to your hips, look forward and deep breathe in and out hold your pose as long as you can.

The Benefits of Staff Pose:

Helps improve alignment of the body, it is known to cure sciatica pain, Dandasana Strengthens back muscles, Lengthens and stretches shoulders, chest and the spine, Nourishes our body’s resistance to back and hip injuries.