Siddhasana or accomplished pose

संस्कृत (name in sanskrit)        –           सिद्धासन

Siddha means              –          Accomplish

Asana means               –          Pose

Pronounced as            _         Sid-Hahs-uh-nuh

Known as                     _          accomplished pose

Chakra                         _          Muladhara/ajna

Style                             _           Hatha Yoga

Siddhasana is one of the best of all the yogasanas for meditation, in Hath Yoga Pradipika (Yoga text) Siddhasana is the fourth very effective sitting poses which suited for Dhyan (meditation). It is said that practice of Siddhasana purifies all the nadis or energy channels in the body.

How to Do Siddhasana?

Sit on the floor with crossed legs, Slide your feet (right and left) in between the calf and Hamstring Muscles.

Hide your toes (left and right) between your calf and Hamstring Muscles.

Spine should be straight, both hand on the knees with Gyan mudra, breathe deep and long.

Hold this posture as long as you can.

Health benefit of Siddhasana –

Siddhasana used for meditation. One can maintain this position for a long duration

Makes spinal column straight and steady, and ensures that the energy currents flow upwards towards the spine.

Precaution – Avoid this asana if Ankle or knee injury

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