"Namaste and welcome" to Tapas power Yoga Center.


 At Tapas… we are responsible for making you feel better through many different Yoga styles –



Hatha yoga is a combination of  HA which means sun and THA which means moon. This refers to the balance of the active, hot, sun and the tranquil, cool, moon within all of us. Hatha yoga is a way of creating balance in our body…


ashtang vinyasa

Ashtang Vinyasa is a system of progressive series of yoga postures that produce an intense inner body heat with sweating to purify and detoxify our tissues, muscles and organs. The result is better circulation, a lighter…

swing Yoga

Swing yoga, which is also known as Aerial yoga and Anti-gravity yoga, is a highly therapeutic modern style of yoga which combines traditional yoga poses with the use of hammocks. By facilitating bending and stretching of the whole…

power Yoga

Power Yoga is an intensive and up-beat style of yoga that promotes strength and cardiovascular health. Unlike other yoga styles, Power yoga is fast-paced and focused on increasing heart-rate to burn calories…

What is the meaning of "TAPAS"?

"The art of yoga wellness"

Tapas means carving a sense of self-discipline, passion and courage in order to burn away ‘impurities’ physically, mentally and emotionally, paving the way to get the mind on the right track, and breaking down all the negative thoughts , and Keeps you on the yoga mat day after day .

Why Tapas Yoga Center ?



  • Our Teachers are deeply knowledgeable, highly experienced Master Yogis.Each student gets personalized attention during the class and can expect world-class instruction.Check out our students Reviews  so you will be closer to our Yogis community.


Our classes are limited to a maximum of 15 students. This small class size greatly improves the satisfaction of our clients and ensures each yogi gets the individualized attention, care, and assistance they need.


Our yogic community is varied and inclusive. At Tapas we understand that everyone is on their own journey to self-improvement and we value our ability to assist them on their path with love and without judgement.


“Yoga is learning to come back to yourself. It’s finding your limits, expanding your boundaries, and being able to truly relax into who you are.

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“Nature connects us to our roots,”
“The grass, the ocean, the trees are all part of our primeval world. It is where we feel most at home.”

Our Special Team


We spend a tremendous amount of time learning what’s called “assists”
where we help to correct your postures and twist your body to help you get into the right postures .
sometimes to get you into the deeper postures.

Deepak Singh

Master Yoga Guru / MSc. Archaeology

Deepak is a highly experienced master yoga Guru with over 10 years in yoga and 5 years in personalized yogic therapy. While Deepak often gives exciting Ashtanga Vinyasa group sessions, his true passion is in helping people overcome injuries and improve their quality of life through personalized and carefully crafted therapy yoga classes.

Ghenwa (Song) AlHaj Ebrahim

Master Yoga Guru / MOH-licensed pharmacist

Song is the founder of Tapas Power yoga center, and a master yoga Guru, She is also the director of the teacher training course where she specializes in teaching anatomy and physiology theory classes. She is also responsible for the ladies’ yoga sessions, and prenatal classes, and finds great joy in giving intense Power yoga and Pilates group classes.

Raman Deep

Master Yoga Guru | B.sc in Biology

Raman obtained his Masters in Yogic Science from the capital of yoga ( Rishikesh) after achieving high honors in his BSc in biology. He pursued yoga because he was passionate about it ever since he started practicing yoga. At Tapas Power yoga, Raman is a Master yoga Guru giving exceptionally tranquil Hatha classes and powerful Pilates sessions.

Yoga Etiquette

    • Arrive On Time.
    • Turn off Your Electronics.
    • Maintain Silent during the class.
    • No eating inside the studio Hall.
    • No Shoes allowed inside the studio Hall.
    • Have your last meal at least three hours before attending the class.
    • Don’t hesitate to ask for help whenever you need it, during the class.
    • Wear comfortable cloth which allow you complete freedom to move.
    • Tell your teacher about any injuries or health issue before attending the class.
    • Make sure to keep hydrated by drinking water before, during and after the class.
  • Leave the classroom as soon as the class is over, so that the classroom can be clean up.
    Practice Ahimsa :
    Being gentle in voice, movement, actions, thought, and attitude respects those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting, truthful environment.
    Don’t Skip Savasana :
    Your final relaxation in savasana is an important part of your yoga practice. Don’t plan to leave class early, if you must, tell the teacher in advance, don’t make a habit of this.

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