Gomukhasana or Cow face Pose

संस्कृत (name in sanskrit)        –                       गोमुखासन

Go                                  –                       Cow

Mukha                          –                       Face

Asana                           –                       Pose

Pronounced As           –                       go-moo-KAHS-anna

Style                               –                       Hatha

Chakra                           –                       Swadhisthna/ manipura /anahata

Repetition                     –                       once with each leg on top

Level                               –                       Basic

Cow face pose opens the shoulder joint giving a wider range of motion. Cow Face Pose is a seated yoga posture that deeply stretches the hips and shoulders. When we attempt to pull our hands in this pose, the tension in the muscle-tendon joints of your body gets escalated. In response to this tension, the spinal cord signals the muscles to relax that induce a feeling of relaxation within your body and mind.

How to do Cow Face Pose :

Starting with seated position, bend right knee cross over the bend left knee. Aligned your both knees below your chin, both heels closed to the hips. It is very important that you are fully plugged into the floor through both hips.

Inhale, stretch your right arm up with exhale bend your elbow and take your palm in between your shoulders blades, take your left hand behind your back try to interlock your fingers.

Health benefit of Gomukhasana :

Gomukhasana helped aligned our spine calms the mind and reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue this pose stretches almost every part of the body, the hips, shoulders, ankles, thighs, armpits, triceps, and chest. By equally lengthening and opening both sides of the body.

Precaution :

Try to avoid this pose if- you have sciatica, serious neck or shoulder problems or if you have serious knee problems.


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