Akarna dhanurasana or archer’s pose

संस्कृत (name in sanskrit)        –                       आकर्णधनुरासन

Akarna                          –                       Ear

Dhanur                         –                       Bow

Asana                           –                       Pose

Pronounced As                         –                       Ah-car-nah da-noor ah-sa-na

Style                              –                       Ashthanga Vinyasa

Chakra                          –                       Muladhara/ swadhisthana /vishuddhi

Repetition                    –                       once with each leg

Level                            –                       Basic/advance

The main purpose of the asana is to pull the foot near the ear to resemble like an archer, this posture transforms our practice from mere asana into a yogic journey toward absorption into your true infinite Self.

How to Do Akarna Dhanurasana

Sit on the ground with your spine erect and your legs stretched out, in front of you. Deep breathe in stretch your arms up with exhale bend forward hold your big toes with index fingers, slowly pull your right foot towards the face, try touch right ear with right toe keep looking forward.

Hold this posture as long as you can with deep breathe in and out.

Health benefit Of Akarna Dhanurasana

This asana strengthens the legs, builds up core muscles and improves concentration and grace. Akarna Dhanurasana improves digestion process, treats indigestion problems and clears constipation. It heals pain in lower abdomen areas and in the large intestines. This asana regularizes the menstrual cycle for the majority of women.

Precaution – This asana is not advisable for pregnant women, avoid if you have spinal injuries or any surgery.