kurmasana or Tortoise Pose

संस्कृत (name in sanskrit)        –                       कूर्मासन

Kurma                          –                       Tortoise

Asana                           –                       Pose

Pronounced As           –                       Koohr-Mah-Sah-Nah

Style                              –                       Ashthanga Vinyasa

Chakra                          –                       Muladhara/ manipura /anahata

Level                            –                       Advance

Practicing the Kurmasana enables us to draw inward and cut out the cover of the outside world, it gives us a delighted feeling of connecting with our inner world. When one draws the senses inward towards silence, the mind becomes calm and composed and we develops a sense of equanimity in all of life’s situations

How to do Tortoise Pose :

Sit in Dandasana with your legs straight in front of you and spread your legs apart more than your shoulder, deep breathe in bend your knees with long exhale extend your chest and arms forward and down between your legs.  Bend your torso down forward along with the arms. Push your lower back further to facilitate your shoulders to go beneath your knees. Apply pressure on your shoulders to bring your face and chest forward and down. Straighten your legs more to make sure your inner thighs touch your side ribs, hold the position as long as you can with long and deep breathe.

Health benefit of kurmasana :

The pose releases the tight knots in the lumbar and sacrum areas of your body withdraws your senses, tones the abdominal organs, Encourages flexibility in the hips and lengthens the back muscles.


Precaution :

Avoid the pose if you are pregnant or menstruating, do not practice Kurmasana if you have herniated discs, any surgery or if you have a shoulder, hip or arm injury.

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