Home yoga classes

Our Home yoga classes designed for you if you like to get good experience of yoga and meditation, without changing the environment around you, or maybe you are too busy to join our group classes according to our schedule, having a good time with your family doing yoga together has a great positive impact emotionally and physically, you can have an hour easily without going anywhere, our experienced instructors will come to you with customized program that will suit your schedule, personality, fitness goals and lifestyles or specific physical aim such as Recovering from injury, illness, high blood pressure, diabetes, trying to alleviate stress or Preparing for birth or newly had a baby, We create a tailored sequence of poses to really enhance your Yoga practice and give you exactly what you need from your Yoga session

The lessons generally include breathing techniques, physical postures, relaxation and a short meditation. However this program is changeable according to your preference of having more or less physical practice, longer or shorter relaxation.