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One to one yoga classes

One to one or private yoga session are the ideal way of getting a deeper and more meaningful yoga experience, Our one to one sessions tailored to your specific needs and preferences, which is not always possible in a group classes, we customize a program that suits each individual’s personality, fitness goals and lifestyles or specific physical aim such as Recovering from injury, illness, high blood pressure, diabetes.

Trying to alleviate stress, Preparing for birth or just had a baby?  We create a tailored sequence of poses to really enhance your Yoga practice and give you exactly what you need from one to one Yoga session

One to one lessons also work well if you have some experience in yoga, but would like more individual attention. We design sessions that are progressively more challenging, which keeps the practice fresh and enjoyable, allowing you to advance in your practice.

What your aims are, what you’d like to focus on? We support individual anatomy, postural and movement, encourage and have a soft approach, so session will not be intimidating but allow you to build confidence in your practice. We give clear instructions throughout the class, physical demonstrations, verbal cues and hands-on adjustments so that you are guided with ease.

Customized program will be updated regularly, so boredom is never an issue… and the results will keep coming. Having one consistent teacher enables continuity of practice, we are fully aware of your ability and needs, and works directly with you.